Texas A&M Cybersecurity will be hosting a studying group this summer for the Virtual Hacking Labs penetration testing course. The club started hosting weekly pentesting meetings the past academic year using free Hack The Box and PortSwigger labs.


We are continuing pentesting activities this summer by encouraging students interested in pentesting to subscribe to Virtual Hacking Labs 3-month subscription to gain access to a 450+ page PDF that provides the fundamentals of pentesting and access to 50 vulnerable machines. Upon successfully rooting 20 machines and completing 20 writeups for the machine's rooted, you will receive a certificate of completion. Within the same subscription, there is an opportunity to earn an advanced certificate, and more details can be found on virtualhackinglabs.com/labs/penetration-testing-lab .


We are using CTFd platform to keep track of students' progress through the VHL course by having challenges they submit as a way to know what machines they rooted and writeups they completed. We expect students to complete the challenges on CTFd for the machines and writeups they complete. We hope students by the end of their subscription can at least root 20 machines and earn the certification of completion.

Getting Started:

We recommend students get the 3-month subscription pass because that will good amount of time to complete the required machines to earn the certification of completion. The subscriptions purchase options are located here: virtualhackinglabs.com/shop

After getting the subscription, please contact Bode or Jonathan on the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Club discord to get the registration code to create an account on this CTFd platform and the VHL role which will give you access to our VHL discord channel.

We encourage you to introduce yourself after you get access to the VHL channel so that you can be welcomed to the study group and get started on the course!

Points Breakdown:

There is a total of 158 possible points available. All Beginner and Advanced Labs and Writeups are worth 1 point, and all Advanced+ labs and writeups are worth 2 points.
When you finish a phase of the course and get confirmation that you have completed one of the certificates you can complete the respective certificate challenge that is worth 10 points.

The Point breakdown is as follows:
Beginner points: 20
Advanced points: 38
Advanced+ points: 80
Completion points: 20
Total points: 158

To earn the VHL Certificate you will need to complete 20 labs and writeups in the Beginner and Advanced category.

The point breakdown is as follows:
Beginner/Advanced points: 40
Completion points: 10
Total points: 50

To earn the VHL+ Certificate you will need to complete an additional 10 Advanced+ machines, two of which need to be exploited manually.

The point breakdown is as follows:
VHL Base points: 50 (minimum)
Advanced+ points: 40
Completion points: 10
Total points: 100


We want to maintain compliance with VHL terms of service. Our organization is mainly promoting VHL course material as a great way to continue learning pentesting outside of the weekly pentest meetings. We want to uphold the integrity of the certifications so we do not give out answers or walk students through machines. We will ensure we abide by VHL terms of service with the following rules.

  1. "An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do."

  2. No spoiling machines or sharing writeups

  3. No distribution of course material or usage of it in any other training group.